E-Marketing And Its Elements, Tools and Methods

Before we begin introducing e-marketing and showing its importance,

.. Let’s answer the following questions

To what extent has the Internet become a part of your life 

How many hours do you spend on the Internet


The  importance of this question is not only your personal answer, 

But also all the answers of all  different audiences, 

As each of us is a potential customer or target audience for a company


what may apply to you, may apply on a large segment of a targeted audience,

 and in all cases, the Internet now is indispensable.


An important general marketing rule: “Market wherever your potential customers are.”


Then there is no escaping from being online!


A simple definition of e-marketing: It is marketing through the Internet with its various platforms.


There is no need to illustrate its importance, As it is clear. 

And this is not the purpose of this article.

 But let’s take a step forward and talk about a set of points to move towards doing it more effectively…


First the E-Marketing elements:

We will talk about some of the elements on which e-marketing is based

 All of them must be effectively available to obtain real and effective results.

Before we start, let’s imagine together that e-marketing is a building that we will work on, and it is divided into 4 parts:


1- Data:

The data is the bricks, stones, cement, and various construction tools you should have beforehand before starting the construction process.

 In our model, which is e-marketing, it is: 

the nature of the expected consumer, his purchasing behavior, the size and shape of the market, the number and nature of competitors, etc.


2- The plan:

 We said that the data is bricks and other building requirements,

 So the plan is the engineering work, both structural and architectural, 

that you will use to put that data in its proper place and make blueprints for the result you want to reach.

 In your marketing plan, you put your budget, the platforms you will use, the strategies you will use, and so on.


3- Tools:

 In construction, cranes and other construction tools are used to collect supplies and put them in their exact location according to the construction scheme.

 Marketing tools also perform the same function, helping you to take advantage of all the data you have and apply it through your marketing plan that you have previously developed, and there are many examples of it such as buffer, WordPress, and others. You can search, study them and then choose the right one for you.


4- Skills:

Finally, we reach the last element, which plays the pivotal role in the output, which is the human element represented in “skills”.

 In construction, the civil engineer and architect, and the worker’s on-site control that everything is as planned.

 So, in the marketing process, 

do not neglect the presence of real skills in your team.

 Or if you are going to do marketing on your own, 

work on acquiring the necessary skills, research and study well

 Many resources on the Internet can help you in this regard.


Second, Marketing methods:

There are many marketing mechanisms that you can follow, including:

1- Content Marketing:

 Direct marketing is no longer the king, but it is dominated by marketing through powerful content related to your field that you publish to enrich the knowledge of your audience, 

whether it is through a blog, social media, or its form of content is written, audio or visual.


2- Affiliate Marketing:

It means that you entrust the marketing process to professional marketers and agree that they will receive a percentage or “commission” from the result of the profits that the marketing campaign will achieve.


3- Email Marketing:

It is one of the simplest marketing methods, but its results are effective at the same time if done properly

As your marketing message arrives directly in the mail of those interested in it.


4- Marketing through social media:

He is the rising star in the marketing sky because of his proximity to the public and his association with more than one other type of marketing

It’s enough to mention that Facebook is visited by more than 1.5 billion browsers per day, meaning one-fifth of the world’s population uses Facebook daily!

One of the important tips when marketing through social media platforms is that you should choose one platform at the beginning and research the platforms that your target audience uses the most.

Start with it and then expand gradually, so you don’t initially get caught up in more than one platform unnecessarily.


5- Search engine marketing:

What is the first thing you do when you want to search for something or get an answer to a question?

Yes, go to one of the search engines or specifically to Google as the most famous of them.

Thus, an important marketing method is to improve your visibility through search engines.


6- Marketing through influencers:

One of the results of the electronic revolution is the emergence of the so-called influencers, and they are people who became famous by providing electronic content in a field, whatever the used platform is.

And of course, they have many followers affected by them, and therefore when your product or service is offered by an influencer, it reaches a large number of people who trust them.


7- Marketing through Paid Advertising:

And it has more than one form: (search engines – social media platforms – pay-per-view or pay-per-click – advertisements on websites..etc).

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