How do you make your online application successful?

Today, applications have become an essential part of the daily use of any individual

You can notice in people around you, the number of applications that they can’t do without,

 and you will be surprised!

Statistics indicate that the number of smartphone users now exceeds 2.7 billion users around the world.


Therefore, it is no longer enough to have an application to engage

, but also you have to think


How can you make your online application successful?!


This article will give you a set of tips to help you make your application a success.


In the beginning, we have to know that a successful application combines three aspects in a practical and intelligent manner

They are the market, the user, the product itself.

All of these factors have to work in concert to achieve the customer’s ease of use, smooth performance,

 A distinctive addition and finally, the ease of access and handling of the application.

There are some features that you have to work on in this regard and they are divided into:

User-related features such as (good design – taking care of UX, UI – information security – quality and speed of customer service).

Business-related features such as (offers and discounts – low development cost – easy update steps).


Tips to make your online application successful:


1- Get to know your audience:

The important things come first…

If you want to succeed, you have to know who your users are,

 and make your app relevant to them.

This helps you on two levels,

 the nature and needs of the market that you will enter, 

and also how you will address your customers.


How do you get to know your audience?

Start with basic statistics and demographics then expand to get to know them more closely, 

such as their interests, feelings, and thoughts.

At first, you will find yourself in front of a large segment of the market and that is okay, 

work on reducing it gradually until you get your target segment.


2- Offer a different value:

The secret behind any application is that it adds some value to the user, even game applications offer their users a chance to relieve stress

Or eliminate boredom, and so on.

So you have to think about what added value will your application provide to customers?

The more specific and distinct that value is, 

the more successful your application will be.


3- Application design:

Choosing the look and feel of your app design plays a pivotal role in whether or not it is successful

Some people think that the success of the application depends on the number of times it is downloaded, but this is not true

The success of an application is measured by how well it maintains the number of users without a significant drop

This affects the design of the application itself and the quality of UX, UI

Plus Choosing the right technical details for your project.


4- Maintaining the quality of performance:


Many applications start strongly, then the quality of its performance and its interaction with customers decreases, 

whether due to the passage of time,

Lack of motivation or focus after the launch, 

or because of falling under work pressure and a large number of users…

It’s good to start strong but you have to strategize how to maintain the same level of service you provide from the beginning, 

so that your customers will not be disappointed.


5- Development:


If you keep going the same way from the beginning without development, 

then you are failing!

You have to set clear development plans for your project in terms of technology, business, and the service provided.

Your customer always needs something new,

 and it is normal to start small and gradually grow up

Therefore, if you do not plan how your implementation and operational plan can handle the intensity of work and visitor pressure, 

your performance level will decrease over time.

Note all the applications that you use continuously are modified and developed by adding or deleting some features in them

This is one of the keys to the success of an application.

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