Planning Your Business: How to make Operational & Marketing Plans?

“When you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail.”

A simple rule that sums up some of the business world rules. 

If you let yourself go, you will drown your business in the competitive market.

Therefore, if you are working on a project without developing a clear operational and marketing plan, 

then you are losing your project before you even start it.


We start with the life cycle of the plan, which is:

1- Create a plan.

2- Implementation.

3- Examine the progress of the implementation process.

4- Feedback.

5- Planning again with the data obtained from previous operations.


There is a famous saying in the business world that summarizes the previous steps, which is:

“Planning is re-planning.”


Operational plan:


Planning in a nutshell: It is the process of making a set of decisions, to determine which is the direction to go with in the future.


Through planning, we provide answers to the following questions:

1- Where are we?

2- Where do we want to go?

3- When?

4- How?

5- How much?


Then we use those answers to develop an operational plan.


Basics to draw while developing your operational plan:

1- Determine your resources (human/financial) currently available in each of them, which is likely in the future.

2- The risks that you will face while working on implementing that plan.

3- The life of the plan + exit strategy or its completion + and finally how it will achieve sustainability in the market.


Here are some factors that you will put before you apply the previous points:


1- The steps or actions you will take to achieve your goals.

2- The people you (you need / available / you use).

3- The schedule of the plan.

4- Your available resources.

5- The mechanism or strategy you will follow to achieve this.


Here it is necessary to clarify the difference between two important elements (plan and strategy):


Plan: The map shows us the path that we will follow to reach the goals.

As for the strategy: it is the frameworks or mechanisms through which you will achieve this.


What will the operational plan add to you?

1- Directing your growth in the right direction.

2- Better managing your priorities.

3- Determine the responsibilities required from you and each member of your team.

4- Follow up on the progress of performance, whether it is proceeding properly or not because the plan stands as the reference on which it is evaluated.



After developing the operational plan for your project, another stage of planning comes no less important, which is


 Develop a marketing plan:


What should the marketing plan provide for you?

1- Goals for a specific period of time.

2- The company’s current situation in the market.

3- Position of competitors.

4- Customer needs

5- Marketing strategies that you will follow

6- The expected time period for each goal

7- KPIs


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